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In case you are looking for a experienced Lawyer for your Chna business, then you have found the right place.

Your Lawyer for China!

We have 15 years of on site experience in China – over all 20 years of practical experience with China business.

What we can do for you in China:

  • Claims management and enforcement of your claims in China, be it through friendly negotiations, actions at Chinese courts, or at Chinese arbitration institutions;
  • Legal structuring of your China business;
  • Company set-up in China (Rep.-Office. WFOE, JV etc.);
  • Transactions, be it in form of an asset deal, a share deal or a merger, including Due Diligence;
  • Restructuring and Liquidation of your enity in China;
  • Drafting and negotiating of contracts with Chinese business partners;
  • Trademark protection and intellectual proprety protection in China;
  • Advise regarding Compliance, Management Liability, and "Corporate Social Credit System" matters in China;,
  • Drafting of internal compliance guidelines and company handbooks for your Chinese entity;
  • Support with corruption charges, “kick-backs”, and embezzlement of company funds in your Chinese entity;
  • Internal investigations and court actions against “white collar crimes” of your employees;
  • “Troubleshooting” against specific adminitrative measures, and negotaiting with local authorities;
  • Drafting of local labour contracts, as wall as complex secondments and “expat-contracts” of your local employees and foreign executive personnel.
  • Furthermore Dr. Martin Seybold can act as arbitrator in your arbitration proceedings in China.

We are cooperating with experienced Chinese lawyers, experienced Chinese trademark and patent lawyers, Liquidators and Agents for Company Registrations as selected, long-standing, cooperation partners, as well as a network of Chinese tax consultants, translators and interpreters, with whom we work together since more that 10 years.

In the following you will find an extract of Dr. Martin Seybold’s activities and experiences in China so far:

  • Representation of European companies in numerous arbitration cases in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen;
  • Preparation, coordination and support in lawsuits of all kinds at Chinese courts, including court of appeals and Shanghai Maritime Court (representation at court was conducted by our Chinese cooperation lawyers);
  • Registration and protection of trademarks in China, successful enforcement of intellectual property rights violations, violation of business and technology secrets in China;
  • Comprehensive support in investment projects of German and European companies in China up to 300 Mio Euro investment;
  • Legal structuring and implementation of company transactions in China, in form of share deals, asset deals, mergers and restructurings;
  • Review, negotiating and drafting of business contracts of all kinds with regard to China businesses;
  • Numerous formations of investment vehicles in China, especially foreign-chinese Joint Ventures, „Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises“ (WFOE), and Representative Offices;
  • Advise and support for foreign invested companies and their management during investment porcedures and liability charges of Chinese authorities;
  • Conducting internal investigations and internal compliance checks at foreign invested companies in China, as well as „roll-out“ of compliance structures in Chinese subsidiaries;
  • Conducting and coordinating comprehensive Due Diligences in Chinese companies as preparation for company transactions and take-overs;
  • Advising in, and drafting of local labour contracts and expat-contracts for foreign companies and foreign Managers in China;
  • Coordination, support and negotiations for foreign companies in employee dismissals , mass lay-offs and dismissal lawsuits (representation at court was conducted by our Chinese cooperation lawyers);
  • Successful execution og numerous liquidations of Chinese subsidiaries for foreign companies in China;
  • Advise and support in real estate matters and problems with land use rights in China;
  • “Troubleshooting” at Chinese authorities and local governments;
  • Issuing legal expert opinions in Chiense legal issues for courts in EU-states and law firms;
  • Translations of Chinese legal texts, official documents and contracts, into English or German, and vice versa);

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